Online Specials

At the bottom of the online shop page we have a specials tab. This is all of your favourite goodies on special! We also have a half price shelf in store, but unfortunately that’s only for the benefit of in-store customers as it updates so frequently. Our online specials at the moment are:

Unswoosher Blackspot Shoes

We only have limited sizes left but do inquire because if you manage to fit these shoes your life will never be the same again. A few people with wider feet (namely guys) have had trouble, but if they fit well, they are like heaven on your feet! They mold to your feet so well and make you feel like the awesome activist you are! $150 – fair trade, recycled tyre bottom & hemp upper

Secret Society of Vegans Bang T-Shirt

Let the world know how awesome Vegans are! This t-shirt is cute and different, so go ahead and treat yourself. It could be a great conversation starter! $25

SAFE Deer Journal

These journals are so handy – clear high quality A5 pages that can be used for writing, drawing or both. They make a great gift and and also allow you to take a stand against animal explotation by showing that you support SAFE. $7

Adbusters Magazine

These are the same people who produce the unswoosher shoe. The idea behind adbusters is exactly that – busting ads. You will so NO advertisements in this magazine, just pure alternative literature! In case you hadn’t guessed, the unswoosher literally means UN-swoosh (like the nike swoosh.) They are all about fair trade and environmental responsibility. A company very worth checking out! $6.50

VeganWares Shoes

We have a few womens styles left for those ladies who need a super high quality dress shoe for work or play. They are made from microfibre – a material which stands the test of time and laughs in the face of rain. $120-$150

The SAFE Appeal has been an amazing success in spite of pouring rain all over Auckland. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and those who donated. This means we can continue our amazing work for the next year. Don’t forget you can donate monthly or volunteer – both are equally useful and important! Just to bring some cheer to your day, check out the “Song for Pigs” writen by a 14 year old!

Coming up: What I’m giving for Christmas, the best hot chocolate in the world and more product reviews!

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