Creole Salad

Good Morning! Another beautiful day here in AKL! I’m looking forward to Christmas so much because it’s the only four days off I get with my hectic schedule. A good friend of mine left a very worthwhile comment on yesterday’s scrambled tofu blog: If you add soy milk, corn flour and black pepper you get much more of an eggy/omlette thing going on – I’m definitely going to take that tip up on Boxing Day morning!

Here is today’s delicious recipe – you don’t have to have the green salad component because the fruit/yoghurt or just yoghurt is tasty by itself but go on – you know it’s good for you!!

Creole Salad

2 apples chopped

2 pears choppe

1C pineapple chopped

2 bananas chopped

1tbsp lemon juice

1/2C vegan yoghurt (refer to this recipe here)

Salad greens

2tbsp toasted coconut


Mix all of the ingredients together except for the salad greens. Lay a bed of salad greens on a large plate, plop tablespoons of the fruit on top and then drizzle yoghurt on top of that. This is the way that looks best, but it your looking for the easiest way to eat it, I suggest a huge bowl where you can easily mix it all together!

For the yoghurt, unless you are using vitasoy soy milk (which is the best one for that recipe), I recommend trying a mix of any other soy milk, cashews, cornstarch and lemon juice. The cashews will give it extra creaminess and a more neutral taste (if your other choice of soy milk has a strong flavour.)

Coming up: Wild Card (Code for I have no idea!!)

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