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Wow…I am finally in here. Hi! I am the new Shop Manager. Well, not so new now, but still on a v upward learning curve. When I took on this job, I thought I’d be just buying loads of vegan goodies for you guys, from all over the place, and blogging away from week 1. I’d been a fan of blogs for years, followed a number of vegan ones in the UK and US and was ready to have my own! I’d be the ultimate Little Miss Blogger…

Well, that didn’t happen. This is the most full on role I’d ever had. I can never get all the work done that I want to, there is never enough hours in the day and I constantly carry a my diary around just incase I spot something I think we should have in the shop, but more often than not to write down things I’ve forgotten. But I love it. This is the first job I’ve had where I’m not the vegan freak in the office and I never knew there were so many vegans for so many different reasons. Me, I thought it was just not nice to eat animals? But for others there is more to it than that.

No promises to be in here all the time, but what I would like to do is tell you about some of the super products I’ve tried out and love from the shop, give you a few recipes that I’m continually telling customers about (how does a salad that turning grey hair back to it’s normal colour or a raw vegan “cheese” that is good for you and is always a hit with the cheese lovers sound?). There are cafes and restaurants that have proved quite the find and there are always events going on, that I end up raving to people about, that they reply they “had no idea” it was on. So, I’ll be letting you all know! By the way, if you ever get a chance to go to a Animal Rights Conference, then go. Go for all the days it’s on. Pull a sickie, save up your annual leave, book the baby sitter way in advance…these are refreshing to your ethics, inspiring (will tell you another day about an audatorium full of silently weeping people), entertaining, you always learn something new AND you spend the days amounst people just like you. Same values, same lifestyle. If you don’t have a big group of vegan friends, this will be an incredible experience. So, go.

And just before I go, I was in my local $2 shop a while ago and they were selling those sticky mice traps. These are illegal, and the owners were horrified when I told them. They whipped them off the shelves…and they haven’t appeared back (I’ve made a few quick checks).So the next time you’re in your local $2 shop, please can you just have a quick check to make sure they’re not selling them too. If they are, just let them know they’re illegal, but be nice about it. These people are just trying to make a living too. The angry, indignant approach rarely works. I’ve checked out a few other stores and haven’t found them again, so maybe the word it out :). If you don’t get the response we’re after, drop us a line here at the shop and we’ll see what needs to be done next.

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2 Responses to New Blogger

  1. Yay!! this is exciting 🙂
    Keep up the awesome blogging work. It is soo refreshing having blogs written up by awesome vegans sharing the love. I always love to hear about new cafes and restaurants to go to!
    Have you hear about the awesome cafe ‘Cosset’ in Mt. Albert? I’m sure you have, but i’ll share it on here anyway. I absolutely LOVE this place, from its adorable cute-ness to its delicious home-made with love food.
    check it out:

    Can you recommend anywhere else to go? ideally for a poor ole student like myself.
    Have a great week!! x

    • Oh Siobhan! I’m still working my way around this blogging thing! Apologies. Yep, loooooove Cosset and love the owners. The nicest girls ever. Can highly recommend the raspberry and white chocolate muffins and I hear the coconut (& lemon?) are a must try too. Call ahead and book your hotcakes if you’re planning a sleep in. I’ve often arrived and they’ve run out.
      Other vegan spots to eat? Californian Burrito, Golden Age, both v affordable. Revel on K’Rd is a step up in price but just a little one. Happy Cow, the travellers’ website is always a good one to check out…otherwise I could go on and on….:) xx

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