Oprah Takes a Stance With Us

Yesterday I picked up a copy of O magazine. Oprah’s mag is my indulgence. While it brims over with non-vegan stuff – recipes (sometimes still useful for tweaking into vegan fare) and perscription medicine ads…and she’s tried vegan and returned to the dark side (how?), she still adds to the good of the world and this girl’s life, and well, who of us hasn’t got a lot of room for improvement?

Anyway, the point of my blog. Fur has somehow returned to the fashion world. In Oprah’s new fashion feature, they’ve taken a stance and refused to use it. Apparently O Magazine has never advertised within their pages a real fur product, from their first issue in May 2000. Oprah gave away all her furs 20yrs ago after looking at her sable cape and realising just how many little lives it cost.

For those of us who never had to give our furs away, here’s a way to keep promoting your ethics. Fairly new to the shop and brand spanking new up on the website is our new No Fur heart shaped badge from the US Humane Society. As soon as I spotted it I knew we had to have it. The days of throwing paint over people in the street (or worse) is over. Can you imagine Gandhi doing that? Not nice! I’m sure he’d approve more of this lovely but bold badge declaring your stance. You’ll be surprised at the number of complete strangers who want to let you know they agree.

Get your new vegan badge here.

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