About Us

The Cruelty Free Shop is owned and operated by the animal advocacy organisation Save Animals from Exploitation (SAFE), and all profits from sales go to help their work in exposing animal cruelty and lobbying the government in New Zealand.

SAFE began as the Auckland branch of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection in 1932, and as its focus broadened in public awareness campaigns over decades of political lobbying, it eventually changed its name to Save Animals from Exploitation. Today SAFE is New Zealands most proactive animal advocacy organisation.

The Shop was originally part of the SAFE Auckland office, where volunteers and supporters could come to buy a few stickers and magazines. After moving the office to St Kevins Arcade in 2002, the big glass windows were the perfect place to display books and t-shirts that promoted a cruelty free lifestyle.

In 2003 the office moved to a bigger premises, but the shop stayed behind. Since then it has expanded to include cruelty free beauty, health, cleaning, home and clothing products, and a wide variety of food.

In 2008, the shop went online with a handful of products and now sells hundreds of cruelty free items to homes all across New Zealand and Australasia.

For more about SAFE, visit www.safe.org.nz.

This is the SAFE Cruelty Free Shop blog which provides information on products, recipes and animal-friendly living daily. All of the products and recipes featured are vegan.


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